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Cuto is an independent app developed by only two people. All wallpapers are hand-picked by editors every week to improve user experience, and the wallpapers are also synced to domestic servers to speed up downloading. In the past, Cuto is free with no ads. This could not cover server and labor costs, which is the direct reason for Cuto to become a paid app.

We hope that Cuto will resume stable updates and provide better wallpapers and richer features for everyone, so that both of us can stop losing money and earn reasonable income.

But we need to admit that we didn't do a very good job with the transition to a paid plan, and we apologize to all our Cuto users who felt bad about it!

If you're interested in learning more about the behind-the-scenes story of Cuto's development. Click here to read more [Chinese].

The wallpapers now available for Cuto free users includes:

  • New wallpapers for the last 3 weeks in the home page, up to 21 wallpapers.
  • Top 5 wallpapers from all 31 categories in the collection page with 155 wallpapers in total.
  • All favorite wallpapers in your Favorites folder.

(Note: If you've ever uninstalled Cuto before version 2.0, your favorites mat be lost and that is exactly why we support iCloud sync in 2.0 version.)

We'll continue to add free wallpapers and features in the future as Cuto continues to be grow.

It's important to us that you have a chance to take a minute to leave a review for Cuto in the App Store if you love it. A five-star review will inspire us to make Cuto much better and bring more exciting features.