Q: What is the source of the wallpaper images?

98% of the images in the Cuto App are sourced from Unsplash - a free and copyright-free photo site, and they can be modified and used in any way you like, including for commercial purposes.

Q: How often are the wallpapers updated?

Cuto updates 1 new wallpaper every day.

Q: What are the functions of the icons in the bottom bar of the wallpaper detail page?

There are 5 icons in the bottom bar, except the back button, they are

  • Favorite: Tap to favorite the current image, tap again to cancel the favorite.
  • Save by device: Select the ratio to save the downloaded image, the default is the ratio of your current device.
  • Preview: View the simulated effect when the current image is set as the lock screen / home screen wallpaper, tap it several times to toggle it.
  • Blurring: Add Gaussian blur effect, slide the slider to adjust the blur intensity.

Q: What is the "Save by Device" feature?

It allows you to freely choose the crop ratio of downloaded wallpapers to generate wallpapers suitable for different devices.

Q: Is it possible to update more wallpapers every day?

Changing wallpapers is not a high-frequency thing for most people. Cuto's update frequency and the number of existing wallpapers are enough to meet most people's needs.

On the other hand, a reasonable number of updates will allow Cuto to maintain the quality of wallpapers for a long time.

Q: What's wrong with a certain image that has noise and is not clear? How can I get a large HD image of this picture?

The images provided for download and saving in Cuto App are uncompressed, if some images are not clear enough, it is because they are photos, and different photo shooting environment will inevitably have a little noise.

Q: Why did the desktop not work after I changed the icon?

This is a current iOS bug that needs to be fixed by Apple. If you encounter this problem, restart your device to solve it.